Dental examinations

Your new patient dental examination

At your first visit, we will sit down with you to take down a complete medical and dental history. The doctor will then come in and chat with you prior to beginning his thorough dental examination. This includes taking some necessary films, charting past dental treatment, current dental needs, doing a periodontal examination, and performing a cancer check. Your second visit will likely consist of a cleaning and polishing appointment. When you return in 6 or 9 months for your regular continuing care visit, you will have a routine dental examination and cleaning combined in one appointment.

If you have a specific dental concern and feel this needs to be taken care of prior to your initial New Patient Dental Examination, we will still sit down with you and complete a medical and dental history. Following that, you will be scheduled with a doctor for treatment of your dental urgency/emergency. Once your concern has been dealt with, we would schedule your New Patient Dental Examination.


Your continuing care visit

When you come into the office for your regular 6 or 9 month continuing care visit, we do more than just polish your teeth. More importantly, we perform a thorough scaling of your teeth to remove all calculus deposits – the calcified bacteria at and below the gumline which, if left behind, will inevitably lead to gum disease.

Everyone’s teeth build up calcium deposits which need to be removed periodically. If the calculus builds up over time, a chronic gum infection can destroy the bone holding your teeth. Statistics show that the majority of teeth lost in adults are due to gum disease and not decay.

Fortunately, gum disease is preventable by daily removal of the soft bacteria (plaque) on your teeth with a toothbrush and floss and by coming in for regular continuing care visits.